Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Van Halen To Tour Extensively in 2011, New Studio Album To Be Released

According to Melodicrock.com, Van Halen will tour extensively in 2011, taking in North America, likely European dates and even some Australian dates, which local newspaper the Herald Sun stated Sunday that the band "...are very close to confirming an Oz visit next year." The line-up will remain as it was for the 2007 tour - guitarist Eddie Van Halen, drummer Alex Van Halen, bassist Wolfgang Van Halen and frontman David Lee Roth.

Numerous reports about new music coming from Van Halen are true. There is new music recorded with the expectation of an all-new studio album featuring David Lee Roth to be released in 2011.

Melodicrock.com says that Roth's vocals are being recorded away from the 5150 studio, with Eddie receiving various vocal tracks from the singer, but not always to the guitarist's satisfaction - it's work in progress between Eddie and Dave.

There is a deal in place between Warner Bros. and the band for a new album (as announced a few months back). There is a genuine fear from the label that the album may now not be ready before tour commitments begin. The album was definitely expected to be released in early 2011, but there has been so much going back and forth and re-arranging, so if the recordings are not turned in by early 2011, the label have developed a contingency plan. That is preparing re-masters of the Sammy Hagar-era catalogue, as well as preparing Blue-Ray releases of Live Without A Net and Live Right Here Right Now.

Additionally, they are preparing limited edition vinyl releases, which have just appeared on the Rhino/Warner schedule. 1984, Women And Children First and Van Halen II will be released on LP December 13.

And finally, the band apparently tested a few different producers, but the man at the helm for this album is one Ross Hogarth. In July he did make one reference to a new record he was starting: "The record I just started ROCKS!!! [it] will be amazing...that is all I will say..."

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