Tuesday, June 24, 2008

That Little Ol' Band From Tejas ZZ Top Kicks Out The Boogie On 'Live From Texas'

ZZ Top

Live From Texas
Eagle Rock

Review by Nightwatcher

The public face of boogie based blues rock for over three decades, that little ol' band from Texas, ZZ Top, have finally got around to putting out their first ever official live concert DVD. 'Live In Texas', recorded and filmed at the Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie, near Dallas Texas in November 2007, this is a fine document demonstrating why the band remains one of the top live attractions today.

Consisting of the same three musicians which have been rockin' the blues ever since their debut album came out back in early 1971, the 17 tracks showcased here serve as a primarily greatest hits package, from the the hard driving "Just Got Paid", "La Grange" and Heard It On The X" from the early days, all through their mega platinum MTV era hits such as "Gimme All Your Lovin'", "Sharp Dressed Man", "Legs" and "Got Me Under Pressure" to the stomping final track "Tush".

17 songs in all, and while it's remarkably solid, long time Top fans will no doubt miss old time favorites "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers","Francine"and "Arrested While Driving While Blind" or even obscurities such as "Brown Sugar" or "Master Of Sparks". Only one song post 1990, "Pincushion", from 1994's 'Antenna' is included, which means nothing from their most recent studio album 'Mescalaro' either. Although their albums have been a bit spotty as of late, there are still some gems which would've worked well that aren't part of this package. But having said that, the righteous Reverend Willie G, Billy Gibbons himself still manages to show why he's still one of the finest blues based guitarists on the scene, and bassist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard are tight as the proverbial drum, so with a performance this solid you really can't go wrong picking this one up.

Filmed in wide screen, with crystal clear audio and video this is still a worthy addition to your collection. Running at 122 minutes with bonus features of a smoking version of Hendrix's "Foxey Lady", a poker game during which the members recount the history of the band along with a couple of others, if you're a fan of this band you're going to want to have this. 8/10 www.zztop.com

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