Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Digging Up Classic Hard Rock's Past With Sweden's Graveyard

Tee Pee Records

Review by Nightwatcher

Recalling the best of the heavy blues influenced bands from the early 70's, the self titled debut from Gothenburg, Sweden's Graveyard pulls one back through the years to a time when heavy rock ruled the planet and the charts. Featuring a production that is time appropriate, if you didn't know better you'd be excused in thinking this was some long lost early metal classic. Filled with doom and gloom riffs worthy of early Black Sabbath merged with vocals and background vocals gleaned from British bands such as Savoy Brown and Wishbone Ash, if you love this style of music this one's definitely for you. Everything about this one is suitably retro, and it almost sounds like a lost radio transmission from a long ago time colliding with 2008.

Very atmospheric, but still extremely song-oriented, this is a band who obviously have studied not only the big names but the obscure also. Shades of Aussie legends Buffalo pop up here, doom merchants Pentagram there, underpinnings of prog rock mix with psychedelic bombast, culminating in a heady brew of stoner rock goodness.

In a simple sentence : If you love all that was heavy in the early 70's you owe it to yourself to check out this talented band of young Swedes, who have released one of the finest albums of this year, even if this year happened to be 1970. 9/10 www.myspace.com/graveyardsongs

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Sadness said...

Like the Review but more inclined to think the band has copied krautrock bands Scorpionsand night sun..I`d also like to hi and i`m from australia and been listening to very much all your have reviewed in the last months..
Keep well

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