Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking A Trip Through Inner Space With Days Between Stations

Days Between Stations
Days Between Stations
Bright Orange Records

Review by Nightwatcher

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, progressive rock band Days Between Stations on their debut album have created a sprawling prog rock epic which recalls pre 'Dark Side Of The Moon' Pink Floyd in its sound, experimentation and spirit. Consisting of largely instrumental compositions, this is one for the truly progressive minded music fan, full of long, spacey soundscapes which draw the listener in, as such one of the most impressive of this sort released in recent memory.

Consisting of guitarist Sepano Sanzaden and keyboardist Oscar Fuentes, augmented by a host of additional musicians, this isn't for the pop music inclined music fan. With tracks spanning over 20 minutes, in this ADD addled generation who want instant gratification in all things, there's going to be a large percentage of the population who simply won't have the patience to fully appreciate this. But, that's their loss. For in not giving this album a chance in favor of commercial tripe, they're missing out on a piece of pure art. True, the band have included a short track "Radio Song", with its upbeat rhythms and catchy melody featuring a Vocodor not unlike Anathema's "Closer" clearly their only concession to airplay, this is clearly a band who want to be taken at their own terms, preferring to do things their own way rather than conform to what may or may not be a hit.

Although the band bristles slightly at The Floydian comparisons, the inclusion of a female vocalist simply monikered "Hollie" wailing somewhat orgasmically ala "The Great Gig In The Sky" on "Either/Or" only serves to draw in such parallels. Throw in the fact that guitarist Sanzaden sounds similar to a young David Gilmour in tone and phrasing, and it just reinforces the similarities. While not a Pink Floyd clone by any means, still, with that band in limbo, and even if they were to reunite they certainly wouldn't return to give more of what transpired before their massive world wide fame, this is as close to that style that one is likely to find. Very cinematic at times, atmospheric, full of haunting melodies and well thought out instrumentation, if you're one who longs for the free thinking days of the golden era of progressive music you're sure to find much to enjoy here. http://www.daysbetweenstations.com/ http://www.myspace.com/daysbetweenstationsband

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