Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page : "It's Not My Job To Persuade Robert Plant To Rejoin Led Zeppelin"

In an exclusive interview with Xfm, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has said that it's not his — or indeed, anybody's — job to persuade Robert Plant to participate in any further reunions. Plant is currently touring with Alison Krauss.

Jimmy Page was speaking to Xfm shortly after he and bandmate, bassist John Paul Jones, scooped the award for Best Live Band at the Mojo Honours List 2008. Not bad going for band who, prior to last December's one-off, hadn't played a full gig together since 1980.

Asked if he'd tried to subsequently persuade vocalist Robert Plant to rejoin the band, the legendary guitarist responded: "I'm not going to persuade anyone to do anything. It's just like the O2, you do it in the spirit of your heart, don't you? You either do it or you don't."

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threadogg said...

soon as Plant pisses off Krauss some night by gettin' drunk and knocking relentlessly on her door. then things will sour and soon enough, the months will pass to a time he'll join his mates on stage once more.

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