Friday, June 13, 2008

David Gilmour's Live In Gdańsk To Be Released In Five Different Formats

David Gilmour's official blog has started to make some big revelations as to the upcoming 'Live In Gdańsk' release. Far from what most assumed, that it would be just a double CD, they revealed a little while back that a documentary would be included. As regular visitors to the blog have seen over the last week, there are no less than FIVE different formats of the package.

Some of the details are still to be announced, but included in some of the packages will be a 114-minute DVD, and the long-awaited 5.1 surround sound version of 'On An Island', along with many other goodies that haven't appeared elsewhere.

With a release date of September 15th in Europe, and September 16th in North America, the various packages will be very eagerly awaited by fans across the world. Once the final details have been announced, we'll include them on this site, along with ordering details, but in the meantime you can visit to discover the latest revelations and full details of the various packages.

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