Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roger Waters : David Gilmour Blocked Pink Floyd Reunion

Roger Waters has revealed that Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour blocked a full reunion by Pink Floyd.

Speaking to the Associated Press, the former bassist said, "David (Gilmour) is completely disinterested in anything like that. After Live 8, I could have probably gone for doing some more stuff, but he's not interested, so it is what it is."

Roger Waters added that Pink Floyd musical The Wall is moving in the right direction after getting Billy Elliot’s writer on board.

"That's still very much in the cards. I have been working on and off for the last year or so with an English writer named Lee Hall, who has become greatly celebrated over here and in London, because he wrote Billy Elliot, which is one of the most successful musicals out there at the moment.


Prism Triangle said...

Gilmour is burned out and lets the tongue do the talking as when saying The Rolling Stones should be out of the music biz.He`s out of music itself.

This down the hill old guy does not respect himself neither Pink Floyd and more than less the fans, who always had to wait years between for PF albums and the disenchantment of a new Pink Floyd reunion.

So Mr.Roger, there are powerful musicians out there to cope with lazy Mr. Gilmour work as you may hear in the Australian Pink Floyd show. You can do a "Pink Floyd" reunion, find the right musicians with the PF influence a do Pink Waters, Pink Prism or whatever, permit them compose with you, I know we`ll have a more than just "a reunion".

By the way Mr. Gilmour, The Stones are alive and well and recording their new album this year. Turn on your radio, put on your pajamas and enjoy.

gus pro said...

to all the doudters out there,ware was mr. waters for all those years when floyd was out doing world tours, i can tell you what he did . Not squat! As for the rolling stones , yes they put out some albumns,butnot very good with alot of filler songs. I expect my fLOYD ALBUMS to be like the last two albums every song GREAT !

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