Thursday, February 16, 2012

Band To Keep An Eye On : UK Hard Blues Rockers Federal Charm

The impressive U.K success of blues rock guitar titan Joe Bonamassa seems to have rekindled a renewed interest in the genre by young musicians throughout the British Isles. Whether that be in an attempt to hit the charts or a genuine love for the music itself, it's a boon for those inclined towards soulful vocals and killer blues guitar licks in a rocking setting.

One of the latest to come crawling out of the woodwork are Manchester, England's Federal Charm, who have as of December released their first self titled EP. Consisting of 6 tracks, the offering is a strong, well produced effort which should please fans of the blues rock persuasion quite nicely. Gleaning influences from Led Zeppelin, Free, Hendrix, RATM, SRV, Black Country Communion, Glenn Hughes and others, based on this evidence this is a band whom quite possibly may be on to much bigger things in the not too distant future.

One can listen to the entire 6 track EP below :

Federal Charm performing "You've Gotta Give It Up" from the EP live at The Roadhouse in Manchester, England :

For more information on Federal Charm go to this location.

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