Monday, December 6, 2010

Robert Plant On Zeppelin Reformation Rumors - "It's Almost As If People Can't See That I Have Other Projects"

According to, Robert Plant would rather listen to wailing Berber music than reform Led Zeppelin.

The singer dissolved the rock band after the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980 and despite frequently being approached about reforming with the group's remaining surviving members - Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones - for a full tour he always turns them down.

The musician insists he is more interested in working on other projects - such as playing with nomadic Berber and Tuareg musicians from the tribes of North Africa.

He said: "It's almost as if people can't see that I have other projects. It's like a woman with white heels and a pencil skirt passing by will attract my eyes, but most will miss it completely.

"But yes, some shrieking Berber music, blues musician Charley Patton, paying your own way to the Sahara to sing - it's insane. But if you want to play with the Tuareg, you've got to get there."

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Gibson Guitar said...

I love Led Zeppelin! They made a huge impact in my life as a musician. I would be so excited if they'll be back on tour or something.

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