Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Dio Song To Be Released Next Year?

One last song which Ronnie James Dio nearly completed before his death will be released next year, says former Dio member Craig Goldy.

The title of the track hasn’t been revealed, but the guitarist says hearing it is an emotional experience, as the singer dealt with his battle against cancer, which he lost in May at the age of 67.

Goldy told Classic Rock magazine: “The lyrics deal with what Ronnie was going through at the time. It’s hard to listen without a lump in your throat.

“We were working on tracks for a new album just before Ronnie died, and we almost finished this song. Wendy Dio has been talking about reissuing the Magica album with bonus tracks, including this one.”

Magica was originally released in 2000, and Dio was working on two follow-up albums when he died. The only track which has previously appeared is "Electra", of which the singer said: “It’s a really good song, and part of the whole Magica trilogy. It’s hard for it to stand alone, so I did write an explanation of what it was about. It’s just a brief glimpse into what will be Magica again. There are some special plans.”

Dio also sang "Metal Will Never Die" on 'Bitten by the Beast', the recent solo album from his cousin David ‘Rock’ Feinstein, who was a member of Elf.

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