Monday, December 20, 2010

Hendrix Biopic Killed By Request Of Hendrix Estate is reporting that a planned Jimi Hendrix biopic has been respectfully dropped at the request of Experience Hendrix, overseers of the Hendrix estate.

The film had secured financing from Legendary Pictures, and Oscar-nominated director Paul Greengrass had committed to the project. The Hurt Locker's Anthony Mackie was set to star in the film. But Deadline New York reports that the Hendrix estate was concerned that the movie could possibly hurt sales of the back catalog, which Deadline says supposedly happened to The Doors catalog following Oliver Stone's biopic.

Deadline says the film could have been made with songs Hendrix covered but did not write, as these are not controlled by Experience Hendrix, but that the filmmakers refused to move forward without the approval of the estate. Deadline says Legendary Pictures chief Thomas Tull, who financed the guitar documentary It Might Get Loud, was motivated purely by the prospect of making a studio-caliber movie about his hero. "Unless Experience Hendrix has a change of heart, the movie has gone up in flames," Deadline says.

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Jeff said...

After Gibson trying to steal Fender's design for the "Hendrix Tribute Strat"or whatever that waiste of good wood was called,I mean come on, everyone knows Jimi's favorite ax was a FENDER Stratocaster!Gibson was trying to make money off of Jimi,as if they don't make enough already on their own OVERPRICED guitars!Yes,yes, we all know that Jimi played a Gibson once in a great while,but FENDER Strats were his FIRST CHOICE of guitars!Now since the guitar idea failed Gibson was trying to find another way to cash in on Jimi's success!I'm glad the Hendrix family put a stop to it!I think Fender should sue Gibson over the guitar thing and give them a taste of their own medicine!No wonder Gibson has to buy wood off the black market!They waiste half of it on ugly guitars now!Gibson is just plain greedy over money!

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