Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drummer Bogie Bowles Departs The Joe Bonamassa Band

After five years, three studio albums, two live albums and hundreds of shows, drummer Bogie Bowles has announced he has left blues guitar titan Joe Bonamassa's band.

In a posting on Bonamassa's Official Message Board, Bowles issued the following statement :

"Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I have decided not to come back next year. It has been an amazing five year run with Joe and everyone. It was full of great music, wonderful places, and all of you fantastic fans! I will certainly never forget it. I feel the time is right for me to move on with things personally and professionally and I'm very excited about a new future and new direction. The road has been great but I have grown tired of the lifestyle that goes with it.

I spoke with Joe after the gig in Ft. Myers and we had a great talk about everything and I'm certainly leaving on good terms. On the bus we all had some great laughs about our history together and all the times in new places and things like that. I went from the Martini Ranch in Phoenix to The Royal Albert to The Carre and all points in between. Bahrain, Israel, India, Japan, Australia, all over the US and Europe, Moscow, these are the places I got to go with this band while we were together. It has been a great ride. Thank you all so much for the love and support you've given me during my tenure here, it meant the world to me. Have a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year.

You all have my love, respect, and gratitude,


No replacement for Bowles has been announced as of yet. Prior to joining Bonamassa the drummer was a member of Kenny Wayne Shepherd's touring band, spending a year touring the U.S with the guitarist. He also appeared as a percussionist on former Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne's 'Prince Of Darkness' boxset which was released in 2005.


Cindy said...

You should have never deserted Joe. You did your best work with him and you will regret it. C

Kevin Stevens said...

Did he desert or was he subtly nudged? I should imagine his nose is a feeling a little out of joint: Joe has started his new 'project' and has said on more than one occasion that Jason Bonham is one of the best drummers he has heard. Kevin

Michael said...

That's a rash assumption, Cindy. Just take Bogie's word for it and let it be. Things change and people change. Circumstances change and what was working for Bogie the past five years seems to not be working now. Let it go and wish him well. Joe will have no problem getting another great drummer to play with him. . .he's an awesome guitarist and vocalist and growth and change are necessary for all of us.

American iCast said...

I did one. A great one. Then when I would not start a blog page it dumped me and my article. Hows this work? Is it gone or being proofed for pub?

gary said...

Joe is great, as is Bogie, both are youngsters and many good things will come their way. I most enjoy their enthusiasim for making great music and the talent of neither will diminish without the other. Their best is yet to come.

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