Friday, October 15, 2010

Ronnie Wood On The Stones : "We Will Rock 'Til We Drop"

Ronnie Wood has allayed fears of an impending Rolling Stones retirement.

With rumors circulating in previous months that the band might call it day after a possible 50th anniversary tour in 2012, the Stones guitarist has told BBC Radio 4 that they've got no plans to hang up their weathered boots just yet.

He's insisted that the band, who have of course staved off death numerous times, will keep rocking until they "drop" - although one must hope the said "dropping" isn't live on stage.

Speaking about if the band will keep going, he said, "Yeah. Oh definitely. The old frays. We will rock 'til we drop."

Reports by British tabloid newspapers in July this year had suggested that the Rolling Stones were keen to retire after an anniversary tour in 2012. But a representative for the band later rubbished the rumors.

The band have kept ticking since their inception in 1962, releasing 29 studio albums along the way and performing numerous large-scale tours. And earlier this year, the band topped the UK album chart for the first time since 1994 with their re-mastered reissue of their 1972 record "Exile On Main Street."

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