Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Robert Plant Slags Off Black Sabbath In New Interview

Rock Radio UK is reporting that former Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant has compared Black Sabbath to 60s pop star Bobby Goldsboro in a light-hearted ribbing.

Zep and Sabbath used to rehearse in the same studios, with Sabs drummer Bill Ward having said Plant and co used to “come in and interrupt us” and rumours abounding that tapes exist of the bands jamming together in the late 1960s.

But speaking on Canadian radio Plant suggests that Sabbath are no more relevant than the man who sang the tearjerking hit Honey – and Led Zep drummer John Bonham always told Tony Iommi’s outfit they were no good.

Plant discusses his early days, saying: “Apart from Jimi Hendrix I had to keep clear of a lot of mainstream popular music, otherwise I’d have been running a nice boutique somewhere in northern England now. You could give up really quickly.”

Asked about Black Sabbath he replies: “Who? They’ll go a long way and they’ll influence a lot of people in Seattle. Lovely, great, yeah. And what would you do without Bobby Goldsboro as well?

“Bonzo and I thought we were pretty good and we used to bore the pants off everybody telling them we were. Those guys over there – Sabbath, if you insist – Bonzo used to tell them they weren’t very good.”

Plant also reveals he doesn’t own an iPod, explaining: “Up there on the Pantheon there are no iPods. I don’t use an iPod – I have two decks, crossfaded, and sometimes I just DJ for myself.”

In the full interview the singer discusses the traditional music which inspired him, why he thinks his new Band of Joy deserves the name of the act he fronted before Led Zep, and his hatred for 50s pop music and poodle-hair rock – even though he had the haircut himself at one point.

Watch the entire interview below :


Mark Kardwell said...

Not the first time I've heard Percy on this topic. I remember him telling a story somewhere about going to see the Sabs early on with Bonzo, and the two of them sniggered the whole way through the set.

José Silva said...

What an idiot!

Anonymous said...

That, Robert Plant, is why you FAIL.

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