Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fate, Karma And Throwing Down That Rock And Roll Gauntlet : An Exclusive Interview with Glenn Hughes Of Black Country Communion

To die hard rock n rollers, Glenn Hughes needs no introduction. From his first rise to prominence in the early 70's with Trapeze, through a three year stint with Deep Purple, later with Black Sabbath, Gary Moore and numerous solo releases, his vocal prowess has been such as to garner being called the "Voice Of Rock".

His story is also one of redemption. Overcoming a well publicized substance abuse addiction which very nearly cost him his life in the late 80's, over the past two decades he has rebuilt his career, gaining the respect of fans, musicians and critics along the way.

After primarily being a solo artist for the majority of his recent career, it would appear that finally, at the age of 58 Hughes has found a band in newly formed 'supergroup' Black Country Communion which may very well show the world once again that he is quite simply one of the finest vocalists to ever step behind the microphone.

Formed after the vocalist guested with blues guitar god Joe Bonamassa at the 2009 Guitar Center King Of The Blues Finals in Hollywood this past fall, Black Country Communion's debut self titled album, out September 20/21 world wide showcases Hughes' prodigious vocal talents in a classic way, as he delivers a powerhouse performance of a lifetime.

Reminiscent of Plant, Daltrey and Gillan in their prime, it would appear that the band has rejuvenated and pushed him past even the heights he has achieved previously, his chemistry with Bonamassa, drummer Jason Bonham and keyboardist Derek Sherinian shines through immediately, resulting in what amounts to quite possibly the classic hard rock album of the year.

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Hughes while in New York City for the first rehearsals of the band, in anticipation of a session for Eddie Trunk's XM/Sirius radio show on 'The Boneyard', and for an exclusive London premiere of Black Country Communion in London to coincide with the album's release.

In part one of our exclusive series of interviews with all members of the band, we discuss Hughes' thoughts on the new album, working with producer Kevin Shirley, his evolution as an artist and much more. Read on as we have an exclusive discussion with the "Voice Of Rock", Mr. Glenn Hughes.(Photo credit: Robert M. Knight) Click here to access the interview.

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