Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paul McCartney : Drugs Were "Quite Important" To The Beatles' Development

Digital Spy is reporting that Paul McCartney has admitted the importance of hallucinogenic drugs in the history of The Beatles.

However, McCartney told The Daily Telegraph that drug use is not essential for bands to push themselves forward.

When asked how important LSD and marijuana were to the group's work, McCartney replied: "Um, er, probably quite important. It was a development thing.

"It's difficult - I think the answer is quite. It certainly made us stretch further than we might otherwise, from Rubber Soul onwards.

"But I have the problem now - now that things have got a bit out of control - of not wanting to be seen advocating it. ’Cos we did some pretty good work before that, as well. It's not a requirement."

In other related news McCartney is allowing his concert in Mexico City to be viewed for free on a giant movie screen.

Mexican Culture Secretary Elena Zepeda says the screen will be set up Friday night (May 28) at a plaza in the capital's Chapultapec park. She says it's the former Beatle's gift to Mexico City residents.

Zepeda says the plaza can hold 10,000 people.

McCartney scheduled Mexico City performances on Thursday and Friday nights as part of his "Up and Coming Tour." No screen was set up for Thursday's concert.

Almost 100 people have gathered outside the hotel where McCartney is staying hoping for a glimpse.

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C. lalis said...

It is great that McCartney is so famous that people gather outside his hotel for a glimpse.

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