Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Martin Scorsese To Direct Documentary On George Harrison

Spinner.com is reporting that Martin Scorsese  has confirmed he is not only making a documentary about the late Beatles guitarist George Harrison but that the three-year project has neared completion.

The legendary film director has been working closely with Harrison's widow Olivia on 'Living in the Material World: George Harrison' for the last three years, and the film will cover the whole of the guitarist's life.

Speaking to Billboard.com, Scorsese said of Harrison, "His music is very important to me so I was interested in the journey that he took as an artist. The film is an exploration. We don't know. We're just feeling our way through."

Scorsese is no stranger to the rock documentary. His 1978 account of the Band's farewell concert, 'The Last Waltz,' set the standard for subsequent films of that ilk,while his recent portrait of Bob Dylan, 2005's 'No Direction Home,' gave a glimpse of the genius at the heart of the musical pioneer. The Rolling Stones have also been seen through his lens in 2008's 'Shine a Light.'

'Living in the Material World' will be give Harrison's legions of fans much to salivate over as Scorsese has been granted unprecedented access by Olivia to many if the musician's video archives -- some of which have never had a public airing.

The documentary is currently in post-production, though no release date has been confirmed.

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