Thursday, February 18, 2010

Video Premiere : Jimi Hendrix "Valleys Of Neptune"

Here's the video, via for Jimi Hendrix's Valleys of Neptune,' the title track of the upcoming album of the same name, due March 9, of studio tracks Hendrix recorded in 1969.

The songs capture Jimi's transition from the Experience, the group that originally made him famous, to his later work, which was cut short by his death in 1970. Have a look at the video below.


Anonymous said...

Jimi, at last some new material! Can't wait to get the new album. All you young folk, this is were it all started. Peace, rs

Anonymous said...

yeah , well don`t get TOO excited , as that song IS THE ONLY SONG I`VE NOT HEARD BEFORE. It`s not bad , but I really doubt Jimi would have released that as final product.

The cover of "Sunshine of Your Love" is good , but the live versions are still better.

Good audio , but still basically another 'ca$h-in on Jimi' project.

~V. Dorje

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