Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bo Diddley's Double Live 'Have Guitar Will Tour' To See Stateside Release This Month

On January 12th, Blues Boulevard will give a stateside release to a double live CD from one of the founding fathers of blues based rock, the late great Bo Diddley.

Entitled 'Have Guitar will Tour', the first disc, and 8 song set recorded in the UK in 1983, features a band which included ex Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell and Colosseum's Dick Heckstall-Smith. The second disc collects 25 of Diddley's most influential tracks, including "Who Do You Love", "Roadrunner", "Mona" and many more.

Diddley, who passed away in 2008 was a key figure in the transition of Blues into Rock & Roll, by introducing more driving rhythms and a hard-edged guitar sound to the music.

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frenchie25 said...


Check "News" at and Bo's Facebook page.

If you've already purchased it, please return to your retailer and get your money back.

Hasn't Bo been ripped off enough?

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