Friday, January 1, 2010

Anniversary Reissue Of Deep Purple's Come Taste The Band In The Works

According to Deep Purple fan-site The Highway Star, Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple, Trapeze, Black Sabbath) has broken the news on Twitter that he’s been indeed working with producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Joe Bonamassa, Iron Maiden), and they are working on the remixes for the reissue of Deep Purple's 1975 album 'Come Taste The Band'. Still a work in progress, songs that have received the treatment so far include 'You Keep On Moving', 'Gettin’ Tighter', 'Dealer' and 'I Need Love'.

Come Taste The Band was recorded between August 3 and September 1, 1975 at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany, and released in October 1975. The album was co-produced and engineered by the band and longtime associate Martin Birch (Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath). It is the only Deep Purple studio record featuring Tommy Bolin, who replaced Ritchie Blackmore on lead guitar. When Blackmore left the band, many observers and critics assumed that Deep Purple would not continue. It was David Coverdale who asked Jon Lord to keep the band together, and Tommy Bolin was asked to take the guitar slot.

The band was rounded off by bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes, keyboardist Jon Lord and drummer Ian Paice.

Shirley has since posted regarding the remixes on his Facebook page :

"Just finishing a remix of the Deep Purple album, Come Taste The Band. What a trip!! It's been such fun - started off with 'The Drifter' and didn't want to stray too much from the originals, but by the end I'm pushing it, and there are some different bits and pieces all over - I'm diggin' it. Sent the mixes to both David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, who also came up to my studio, The Cave, for a day - Coverdale: 'Kick arse. KS...a veritable sonic treat...' Glenn Hughes: 'Yeah baby!...sounds great...Drums are way better...sounds more cohesive...two thumbs up...' I was a Deep Purple fan before I was a Zeppelin fan."

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