Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AC/DC Frontman Brian Johnson Mulling Retirement After 'Black Ice' Tour

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson is considering retirement - because, at 61, he fears he's getting too old to rock.

The band's long time vocalist has revealed he planned to quit as the Aussie rockers' singer in 2010 - 30 years after he replaced Bon Scott in the group - but his bandmates have persuaded him to rock on for another nine months, to fulfill festival commitments into 2011.

Johnson tells Classic Rock magazine, "We were talking about the end of the (current Black Ice) tour and I said, 'We're finishing in May (10) - and that's me done!'

"But Malcolm (Young) said, 'What are you talk in' about? We're not gonna let you retire!'"

Johnson admits he does his best to stay in shape for tours, but he's not sure he's got what it takes to carry on.

He adds, "I try to keep myself fit, and I love it being in this band... (but) the other lads are in their early fifties. I'm the old dog in the regiment. It's a purely selfish thing. I don't want to look a prat if I try to push it too far. I don't want for people to see me on stage and say, 'Oh, poor old f**ker, the band's carrying him!'"

But, for now, he's enjoying the ride: "It never gets boring. They're just the best rock band, and just to listen to them every night, it gets me. Every time they kick in, you think, 'What the f**k!' You're on again and you're thinking, 'This is ridiculous! I'm still grooving!'"

Here's the band last night in front of over 46,000 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Massachusetts (July 28th) performing "Thunderstruck" at the opening of their current North American leg of the 'Black Ice' tour :


Jason Schoon said...

No matter what, I have loads of respect for him. I saw them live years ago, and they were great. He sang his butt off. Long Live AC/DC!!!!

Kidcobbler said...

i first heard ba in bl ac;dc no need 2 say i fell in luv. i dreamed i was old enough 2 take bons place! im just another empty head but i was only 15 i like brian but bons the shit!ive sang along with bon 4 years im 42 .people say i even talk like him when i drink !!??i dont know ....some people say im the re/in/car of him couldnt b we were both alive the i dont believe in that shit anyway. anyway all i dream of is 2 sing !!!!!so if the boys need a new bon ,you got it! i guess just like brians cover of bons shit i guess i could do a bon lick at brians shit also!?!! so if the boys r lookin im ready 2 get cookin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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