Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paul Rodgers Done With Queen

Initially reported by VH1 Classic Radio, Queen guitarist Brian May's official website posted the following item on May 1st:

The next time (vocalist) Paul Rodgers tours, it probably won’t be with Queen. After spending a lot of time with them the past couple years, it seems he’s amicable parted ways with the legendary group.

“Well, you know, we did a world tour, we did a second tour of Europe and the Far East and Eastern Europe and we did a studio album and I think we’re kind of leaving it there gently. It’s out there for us to do things in the future if there’s something, a huge charity say like Nelson Mandela, I’m always open to that, but I think we are pretty much done.”

Fans can see Paul and the rest of Bad Company when the group kicks off their reunion tour on June 17th in Hollywood, FL. For all the dates, head to BadCompany.com.


Anonymous said...

I love Queen, I love Paul, I love Bad Company but Queen + Paul Rodgers was a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Paul can sing with just about ANYONE or ALONE. The man's voice is an instrument within itself. Melodic.

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