Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nightwatcher's House Of Rock's Top 10 Albums Of 2008 : #8 Steve Fister - Deeper Than The Blues

Steve Fister - Deeper Than The Blues - L.A. based guitarist Fister paid his dues as axeman for hire with Steppenwolf, Pat Travers and Lita Ford (For whom he served as bandleader live) before embarking on a remarkably consistent solo career over a decade ago which blends the guitar wizardry of Jeff Beck with a bluesy 70's hard rock vibe, punctuated with the melodic sense of The Beatles on more recent efforts.

All of which were clearly evident on this studio offering which showcases his talents without being too self indulgent, resulting in one of the best releases of the year. One of the best players too many have never heard, if blues based rock is your thing, or great musicianship for that matter, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

Make no mistake, this is a rock album, but one on which Fister has successfully interpreted the blues in his own vision, in the process blurring the lines between what is considered "rock" and what's considered "blues". But with results this good, why bother arguing over what it is or isn't, just go out, buy it and enjoy the fantastic sounds.

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