Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jeff Beck Rules Out Jeff Beck Group Reunion

Jeff Beck has ruled out a Jeff Beck Group reunion with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood - because he thinks reformation of bands is a bad idea.

As his former band mates plan a Faces reunion, the guitar great insists he won't be following suit. He says, "Reformation of bands is never my idea of a good idea. Leave well enough alone, especially 35 years after it happened. It usually indicates there isn't anything else happening in someone else's career, otherwise you wouldn't entertain it - let's face it. We weren't together in the heyday of money. We were playing small clubs and dives and broke up just before Woodstock, so we never had any big money gigs."

However he isn't ruling out a low-key get together: "It would be fun if we did it in private to see if it would sound any good, but leave it well enough alone and remember it for being groundbreaking at the time."

And Stewart tells Rolling Stone magazine he's given up on bring the Jeff Beck Group back together. He says, "Woody was playing bass and I was singing and it sounded f**king brilliant. We did "Rock My Plimsou"l and "I Ain't Superstitious," and everybody was glued to it. But Jeff phoned me up two days before the show and said he didn't want to do it. He canceled. I've given up trying to reunite the Jeff Beck Group."

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