Friday, January 2, 2009

Joe Bonamassa Edges Out David Gilmour, Slash, Jeff Beck To Be Voted Planet Rock's 'Guitar Hero 2008'

It looks like it's a Planet Rock day here at NHOR, as word has filtered in that "New King Of The Blues," Joe Bonamassa has been voted by the listeners of Planet Rock Radio as 'Guitar Hero 2008'. Bonamassa beat out such legends as ex Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, Slash, Gary Moore and Jeff Beck for the coveted honor. So, congratulations to you Mr. Bonamassa, you certainly deserve it!

From Planet Rock's web site :

"Joe’s prodigious talents shone in 2008 when his star began to rise significantly in the UK. With a fantastic live album and some excellent live shows during the year, Joe then signed up to present a regular show on Planet Rock and has already announced, and sold out, a show at the Royal Albert Hall in May 2009.

Joe managed to beat competition from some true guitar icons to take this category, and he did it reasonably comfortably. 30% of your votes confirmed Joe as a new guitar legend, and your Guitar Hero Of 2008".

Here’s the rest of the top five

2. David Gilmour
3. Slash
4. Gary Moore
5. Jeff Beck

For more info go here.

Bonamassa's upcoming studio album, the Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes) produced 'The Ballad Of John Henry' is tentatively scheduled for release February 24 via J&R Adventures world wide. Look for a review of the album shortly on this site.

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Dick said...

Joe Bonamassa continues to branch out as a Blues and Rock artist creating new guitar sounds woven into vocals that are becoming storybook urban tales. Carefully searching out for rarely if ever re-made original R&B tunes from a wide spectrum of classic and obscure artists, Joe playfully at once both pays homage to both Beck and Page as well as the different "Kings" and Guy while simultaneously winding in his ever growing altered scales and pure tone changes.
At home with electric or acoustic, Joe's live shows have rapidly become the "must see" of the year as he is definately one of the hardest working on stage personas. You'll sweat just watching him work or more aptly put....having fun!
Backed by a management company J&R productions that really backs him in every way....this kid has come a long way. Congrats on the forthcoming command performance at the Royal Albert Hall, the accolade for the Planet Rock "Guitar Hero" (although I'm sure just like Jeff you grimmace at that word) and to Rachel and Roy at J&R....YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Dick Wyzanski
President and Editor
Jeff Beck Fan Club

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