Sunday, December 21, 2008

Robert Plant Says He's Too Old For Zeppelin Reunion Tour

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has finally ruled out the band getting back together for a concert tour. Plant, 60, said he has moved on to other things and was getting too old for two-hour rock shows in giant arenas across the world.

But he said he was regularly in touch with guitarist Jimmy Page and they were still great friends.

Plant has been nominated for five Grammy awards for his 'Raising Sand' album with American bluegrass singer Alison Krauss.

He said: "I'm doing very well with Alison and I'm enjoying that.

"I still see Jimmy quite a lot and he's very complimentary and supportive of what I'm doing.
"But we are in different places now and you have to go on to do different things."

Plant was on stage yesterday being interviewed on BBC Radio Wales by actress Ruth Jones who plays Nessa in TV's Gavin and Stacey.

The live show came from Barry, South Wales, where part of the cult comedy is set.

Plant agreed to do a rare live interview because he is such a huge fan of the show.

But when Ruth asked him about a Led Zep reunion Plant said: "Do you know how long it took me to climb up onto the stage here - and it's only four steps!"

Plant delighted the crowd by praising Ruth Jones for her Nessa character.

He said: "I'd just like to say thanks for giving me so many laughs over the last couple of years."


Ross CAT said...

Glad to see that Robert himself has come to terms with the Led Zep legacy while everyone else pushes for a reunion. The 02 show was a powerful performance by one of the most influential bands ever to roam the planet and was the perfect Swan Song, not to mention being done for the right reasons, on behalf of Ahmet. Page, Jones and Bonham should continue to create new material and take a page from Santana and work with the many great singers who've shown interest in sharing the stage. Here's hoping the 02 show will be out on DVD A.S.A.P. PEACE & Harmonies, Ross CAT (

James said...

Is Plant really only 60? Steven Tyler is 60 yet he seems in much better shape, physically and vocally.

I respect Robert's decision but I wish he would have done the reunion for the fans. I was too young to see Zep prior to '79. I was at Live Aid and I saw both of the Plant/Page US tours in the 90's. I guess I'll have to make do with that.

drewzepmeister said...

As much as a Zeppelin fan as I am, I'd love to see a Zeppelin reunion. I totally respect Robert's decision. Sometimes it's best to move on to keep the legacy. I was fortunate to see Page/Plant in '95. Great show.

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