Monday, November 17, 2008

Rising Irish Rockers The Answer Rock David Letterman

One of the most exciting acts to come along this decade, currently opening for AC/DC on their North American tour, rising Irish hard rockers The Answer took the time out Friday night to perform live on CBS TV's 'Late Night With David Letterman'.

Here's the video from the show, with the band rocking out on "Never Too Late" from the band's stellar debut 'Rise', a review of which can be found here. Channeling the spirit of 70's heavyweights such as Led Zeppelin, Free and Humble Pie, if you visit this site, you're fairly certain to love it, and it gets Nightwatcher's House Of Rock's full seal of approval.

1 comment:

Seano said...

I've had the Answer's album for quite some time...great stuff! Its refreshing to hear a real rock "singer" again.....did not know they were an IRISH band....thanks for shining a your site...its infinitely informative, and as a (sort of) newbie blogger...inspirational! I added you to my bloglinks......thank you!

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