Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Official : Rod Stewart And Ronnie Wood To Reform The Faces

After months of speculation, The Faces are set to reunite for rehearsals with a view to a full reformation.

Frontman Rod Stewart told that all the original members aside from late bassist Ronnie Lane, who died in 1997, were set to reconvene on Monday (November 17) to run through their old hits.

The singer, who spoke at the Claridges Bar 10th anniversary party in Britain, said the band, which includes current Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, will use Stewart's touring bassist to fill in for Lane.

The Faces split up in 1975 after Wood began playing with the Rolling Stones.

1 comment:

Dan, Jr. said...

That is fantasic news. It'll be good to have a little more real music created during these times of mostly uninspiring rubbish.

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