Thursday, May 8, 2008

FBI Reviewing Scorpions' 'Virgin Killer' Album Cover For Possible Violation Of U.S. Porn Laws

Chelsea Schilling of WorldNetDaily reports that the the FBI is now reviewing a Wikipedia photo of a nude adolescent that could violate federal child-pornography laws.

The image in question, titled "Virgin Killer" from RCA's 1976 Scorpions rock album, depicts a naked pre-pubescent girl (appearing about 10 years of age) in a provocative pose. Her chest is completely exposed and a small crack is placed over her vagina.

The album's cover was banned in the United States due to its extremely controversial nature and was later replaced with a photo of the band. When WorldNetDaily brought the image to the attention of several Wikipedia representatives, they denied any knowledge of it.

Now, isn't this a bit silly? It's taken the FBI 30 some years to discover this album cover, and now they want to investigate it? True, it's in bad taste, but one would think that there would be more important things to investigate...say, perhaps finding Osama Bin Laden or other matters of national security? With this type of diligence, I'm sure we can all sleep well at night knowing we're well protected.
Great album, by the way.

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