Tuesday, May 6, 2008

80's Hard Rock Gaining Credibility?

As you may or may not have heard, three of the biggest names in so called 80's "hair metal", Def Leppard, White Lion, and Whitesnake have all released new albums. Which in itself wouldn't probably mean much. But the fact that they're actually garnering favorable reviews is. Twenty years after their heyday, chart topping days long behind them, the much maligned genre may actually be gaining some credibility with mainstream critics, such as The Washington Post's Michael Deeds, who gives at least 2 of these bands somewhat back handed compliments in an article published today "Full Metal Racket : 3 Rock Dinosaurs Roar Back To Life" which can be read here : Full Metal Racket

Funny how things can come around, as 10 years ago even the thought of these bands releasing albums would've been welcomed as much as disgraced NFL star Michael Vick at a PETA meeting.

I'm not sure about the Def Leppard as they've been on a slippery, downhill slide for over 20 years, and White Lion, I most certainly will pass on their latest "magnum opus", but I can vouch for the Whitesnake release 'Good To Be Bad'. Frontman David Coverdale may be fast approaching retirement age, but he still has the pipes to convincingly put over cock rock anthems better than most anyone, past or present. That coupled with strong hooks and impressive guitar work courtesy of former Dio guitarist Doug Aldrich (who co wrote all with Coverdale) and ex Winger axe star Reb Beach will make you think you're back in 1987 again. Which depending on your point of view could be a dream come true or a nightmare, but the fact remains that this one is one of the most solid hard rock releases of the year thus far. Check out our review here, and here's the first video from the release, "Lay Down Your Love":

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