Monday, April 14, 2008

Robert Plant : "We Did What We Set Out To Do"

According to The Pulse of Radio, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones are featured in the new issue of Uncut reflecting on Led Zeppelin's long history and what lies ahead for them as a band.

Robert Plant, who is widely viewed as the lone hold out on agreeing to a full scale Zeppelin tour, was asked if he felt the success of the band's performance last December at London's O2 Arena was enough of a victory to permanently ice any future work with the band. Plant said, "Not at all. I really enjoyed it. And hopefully, one day we could do it again for another really, really good reason... For people who came from Australia or Japan, to Jason (Bonham's) family, John's family, all the families — anticipation and expectation was huge. The potential for failure was also great because nobody knew what it was going to be like."

Plant went on to reflect on the O2 show saying, "We did what we set out to do and more, in every respect. We showed people that Led Zeppelin did go on a bit... The interplay between us all was excellent."

John Paul Jones, who has said that he, like Page and Bonham, would like the band to hit the road, reflected on the reunion gig, saying, "It felt like the first night of a tour. You think, 'Oh, I could do that bit better, or change something in that song.' And we didn't get a chance to do any more."

When pressed about the prospects of a Led Zeppelin reunion album, Jones said, "I'm not too certain about anything at the moment. I've got no idea what's going to happen, but I'd certainly like to play with Jimmy again."

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