Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Glenn Hughes To Get The F.U.N.K. Out May 11th

Frontiers Records is pleased to
present all the details about the
release of the highly anticipated
Glenn Hughes new album entitled
'First Underground Nuclear Kitchen;
(F.U.N.K.) on May 11th, 2008.

Produced by Hughes in Los Angeles, after countless hours spent
writing in his home studio, "F.U.N.K." is another magnificent
statement from the "Voice of Rock".

"It is a roots album, it is a true account of my musical heritage
but also fearless and multi-dimensional".

Once again Hughes has reinvented himself and his art, being able
to offer a new album which is truly emotional and picturing his own
current way to speak the language of music.

"The beauty of makin’ music, for me", explains the former Deep
Purple singer and bassist, "is to have a vast blank canvas. To
completely open myself up to the universe and the spirits, that
these days, live with me day and night. I am no longer in fear of
the dark, or what lurks behind door number 13. The songs on my
new album were written in,and around my Los Angeles home,
sometimes in semi-consciousness...sometimes, in a dreamstate,
sometimes fully alert, as I was in full jog down by the harbour...
these new songs are a true vindication. And realization, of the gift
of a serene life, one day at a time".

The result is a brilliant balance of the diverse influences that have
always been present in Glenn’s music, but with an incredible and
very addictive mood that helps creating a feeling of joy and true
enjoyment all over the album. "I believe that the hard work has
been worth waitin’ 4, this is 4 all my fans, and beyond: a deep
Musical Statement", concludes Hughes.

Once again all drums on the record were played by none other than
the great Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, while Luis
Maldonado took care of the majority of the guitars (JJ Marsh and
George Nastos only appear on 2 songs each) and Anders Olinder is
on keyboards (with Ed Roth guesting on 3 songs).

The final tracklisting of "F.U.N.K." includes the following tracks:

First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
Love Communion
We Shall Be Free
Never Say Never
We Go To War
Oil And Water
Too Late to Save the World
Where There’s A Will

Hughes has just finished shooting a promo video for the fist single
"Love Communion" which will be included on the CD as special bonus:
stay tuned for an exclusive preview on YOUTUBE soon. For more info
go to

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paul said...

just heard this album, wohooo, fantastic, one of the best of the year, love this funk rock stuf, i have linked your piece to my post about it

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