Friday, January 23, 2009

Nightwatcher's House Of Rock's Top 10 Albums Of 2008 : # 4 Jeff Beck Performing This Week ...Live At Ronnie Scott's

Jeff Beck - Performing This Week ...Live At Ronnie Scott's -
This British guitar legend has been at the top of many people's best guitarist lists ever since coming to prominence after joining the most bluesworthy Yardbirds in the mid 60's. And with good reason. Beck took the blues and added a completely new dimension and vocabulary to the genre, then further upping the ante when with Rod Stewart in The Jeff Beck Group several years later, he was a pioneer in what came to be known as heavy metal. Never one to rest on his laurels, in the 70's he turned towards jazz rock, recording the seminal 'Blow By Blow' and 'Wired' albums, and all phases of his playing have continued to inspire countless guitarists to the present day.

Players from Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Tommy Bolin and Stevie Ray Vaughan, "New King Of The Blues" Joe Bonamassa all the way to new princes Davy Knowles of Back Door Slam and Ryan McGarvey have sung his praises, and wherever there's a musician looking for inspiration, inevitably they will worship before the shrine of Beck.

All of such praise worthiness is on ample display on this live document, recorded during a 2007 residency at London's prestigious Ronnie Scott's jazz club, during which such luminaries as Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin turned up to dig the sounds he still manages to coax out of his Strat like no other.

Jimmy Page has been quoted as saying that, "When he's on, he's probably the best there is". And he most certainly is on here, which is why after over 40 years as a recording artist, he still provides the type of thrills reserved for the best of the best, making this album a no brainer for inclusion in the top albums of the year, and also for his 2009 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

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