Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Toxicology Report Reveals Blues Guitarist Sean Costello Died Of Drug Overdose At 28

The just released toxicology report conducted by the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office in Fulton County, Georgia has cited the cause of death on April 14th of rising 28 year old blues guitarist Sean Costello as being an accidental drug overdose. The autopsy, released June 3, attributed Costello’s death to a combination of heroin, ephedrine, amphetamine and Librium, a prescribed anti-anxiety medication. The report also cited recent cocaine use. Costello was to have turned 29 years old on April 15, 2008.
The medical examiner who completed the autopsy, Dr. Geoffrey Smith, says that it is impossible to determine exactly which drug or drug interaction caused Costello’s death, but it was most likely the result of the combination of the drugs in his system.

Chlordiazepoxide, also known as Librium, is a prescription anti-anxiety medication that is often prescribed to patients who are experiencing alcohol withdrawal, and not a typical treatment for just anxiety. Ephedrine and amphetamine, also known as speed, were found in small doses.

The police officer’s notes that were released with the autopsy also indicate that two packs of Parliament cigarettes were discovered in the hotel room where Costello’s body was found. One pack was full. The other contained one cigarette and a crack pipe. The initial police report stated that Costello died a natural death.

On May 3 – two weeks after his death – Costello's brand new album, 'We Can Get Together' entered the Billboard blues chart in the No. 10 position.

Apparently while he drove to the Cheshire Motor Inn where he would be found dead the next day on Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta, Georgia, Costello was interviewed via cell phone at around 11 p.m. by blues enthusiast Mark Wade of
A podcast of his last interview can be heard at this location : Sean Costello Last Interview


Swede said...

Very, very sad. Sean Costello was (is) a favorite of FatCat Radio's Indigo Lounge (blues program).

Zakk said...

Indeed, very sad and a shock to all of us here in The Netherlands who got to know Sean to well over the past 6 years. Search my blog for some fine live recordings from Sean. He was sure was an inspiration for me to get into blues and soul music (after 51 years). Let's keep his spirit alive.
With love

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