Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leaf Hound Unleashed Again After Over Three Decades

Leaf Hound

Review by Nightwatcher

Almost 40 years after their last album came out, the band responsible for one of the best and most sought after 70's cult albums 'Grower Of Mushrooms', which could've almost been mistaken for a lost early Led Zeppelin album, are back.

Vocalist Pete French (Cactus/Atomic Rooster) is the only original member on board, but you won't care as you wouldn't know the original band anyway. Bluesy hard rock put forth by a new cast of young upstarts who give the material a hungry edge it wouldn't most likely have if it were populated by members almost old enough for retirement. French was originally supposed to be involved in the Cactus reunion, but backed out to restart this band - by the sound of things here he made the right decision. Now there are two bands reformed that still kick ass. Easily the equal of that band's 'Cactus V' album. A definite highlight of the album is a brand new version of the Atomic Rooster classic 'Breakthrough" which closes the proceedings out in style, and may even be better than the original, due to the fleet fingered axe work of new guitarist Luke Rayner, who conjures up memories of the best of the biggest names of the 70's, and if things work out right could be a guitar hero in the making.

Featuring strong songs and powerful performances, if you're a fan of early 70's English styled hard rock ala Free, Foghat or pre MTV Whitesnake this is an album you should pick up without hesitation, it's that good.

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