Sunday, February 17, 2008

Endeverafter rock like it's 1989 with Kiss Or Kill

Kiss Or Kill
Razor & Tie

Review by Nightwatcher

Listening to this band, you'd think the 90's, and all the whining, moaning and introspection of the grunge era never happened. Huge choruses, a ton of attitude and swagger combined with big, dumb metal riffs and honest to Lucifer guitar solos make this debut from Los Angeles based Endeverafter a winner from start to finish.

Ranging from hard edged metal such as "Poison" and "Road To Destruction" and "From The Ashes Of Sin" to more pop metal stylings of "Gotta Get Out" and "All Night", even throwing in a couple power ballads along the way, this is a melodic hard rock lover's goldmine. Influences abound, from the Thin Lizzy-esqe guitars on opener "I Wanna Be Your Man" to the AC/DC like guitar solo on "Baby Baby Baby"-there are even HUGE choruses and hooks not heard since the heyday of Def Leppard on display here.

If you dig Buckcherry's latest, 80's hair metal or even the harder sounds of the 70's, you'll love this album too. As guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Michael Grant says, "we don't want people to listen to our music and slit their wrists, we want them to smile and have a good time". Trust me, you'll have a lot of fun and a good time with 'Kiss Or Kill'. 9/10

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