Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Airbourne Out Of The Pubs And Runnin' Wild

Runnin' Wild

Review by Nightwatcher

Tired of waiting for Angus and co. to get off their collective asses and come up with a new studio album? Well, if AC/DC styled stomping bluesy hard rock is what you crave look no further than the debut from Australia's new bad boys of boogie Airbourne. While not an exact clone due to the style being closer to the metal side of things, there's no doubt that these lads have done some serious studying of the sound. More like Krokus, Rose Tattoo or Rhino Bucket in execution, this is full blown party rock- full of energy, sing along choruses, and razor sharp riffs that due to its relatively short under 40 minute length will have you hitting repeat several times over once you've heard it initially.

With titles like "Stand Up For Rock 'N' Roll", "Girls In Black", and "Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women", you won't expect deep lyrical content, but what is written fits the songs to a t. As the promotion touts this as "Genuine Fist -Pumping, Sweat Soaked Rock 'N' Roll", anyone who picks this one up isn't likely looking for heavy thoughts anyway. Leave that for Sting fans. What you get here though is hard driving, balls to the wall, ready for radio melodic metal in the 80's tradition. In fact, this is an album which could've been released in 1989, 1984, or 1981 and still it would've sounded the same.

Sure it's derivative, but what isn't these days? The bottom line with this style of music is whether or not it rocks and is memorable. And on both levels, this is a release which succeeds. If you grew up during the time when this genre was popular, you'll find a hell of a lot to enjoy here. A glorious throwback to when metal was fun, if hard driving rock anthems are your cup of tea (or whiskey), this will slake your thirst and then some.

The fact that this debuted at #106 on the Billboard Album Charts show that EMI, the band's initial label, who dropped the band, made a serious misstep as there's clearly a market for the genre. Their loss, Roadrunner's gain though. Don't make that same mistake. Go and pick this one up, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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