Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Second Annual Ritchie Blackmore Protégé Shred Off Competition Announced

The second annual Ritchie Blackmore Protégé Shred Off competition has been announced. Video entries will be accepted from March 20th at 12:01AM through April 7th, at 11:59PM.

Each entry must feature the guitarist playing a Blackmore-esque lead guitar arrangement over a backing that is similarly in a Deep Purple, Rainbow, and/or Blackmore's Night vein way. No actual covers of Blackmore's lead guitar solos or songs will be allowed into the competition.

Andy DiGelsomina, the composer-guitarist for the Wagnerian opera metal project Lyraka will be judging the competition again, along with Keith Langerman, the owner of  Nightwatcher's House of Rock and Jim Manngard.

 The top prize will be announced on April 14th - Ritchie's 67th birthday. The winner will be awarded a plaque with the person's name, country of origin, and current year.

For more info visit the contest Facebook page. This competition is hosted by the Official Induct Ritchie Blackmore Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame organization.

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