Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Kinks To Reunite Without Dave Davies?

Spinner.com is reporting that Ray Davies is still up for playing again with the remaining Kinks, even if his estranged brother refuses to take part.

Judging from the Kinks frontman's recent comments, one of rock's longest-running feuds is still in full swing, as Ray admitted he had not seen Dave Davies for a while.

In an interview with Q Magazine (via the Daily Express), Ray was reminded of his brother's comment that a reunion of the north London band would be like "a bad remake of 'Night Of The Living Dead.'" The currently solo artist replied: "I can understand what he's trying to say. I think it's a reference to comebacks in general."

He added, "The fortunate thing for me is that I was never a sexy frontman. Dave was always the pretty kid. So maybe he feels that way about himself. But we'll do it without him if we have to. The music is the issue."

Ray also made a sly reference to his guitar-playing sibling's interest in spiritual matters. "I hear Dave's more cosmic than ever. I'm a little more based on planet Earth than certain other members of my family."

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