Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fate Of John Lennon's Guitar Up To Illinois Authorities

An acoustic guitar once owned by John Lennon, along with thousands of other items of rock memorabilia, may be getting new homes. The rock relics are part of a collection at the Peace Museum, a Chicago institution dedicated to spreading the concept of peace.

Lennon and other musicians, including The Clash and U2, donated items to support the museum and its cause. Now that the museum has fallen into disrepair, Illinois' Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing it for its assets.

Madigan's plan is to make an itemized inventory of the memorabilia before having it turned over to "bona fide charities actively educating the Illinois public in peaceful conflict resolution," according to the suit.

Authorities claim that the Peace Museum no longer has the resources to keep its collection in satisfactory condition.

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