Thursday, November 4, 2010

End Of The Road : Emerson, Lake & Palmer Drummer Carl Palmer Says No More Reunion Shows

Drummer Carl Palmer has told Classic Rock Magazine that, so far as he is concerned, Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s 40th anniversary reunion gig at this summer’s High Voltage Festival will be the trio’s final appearance together.

Palmer elaborated in his exclusive interview with rock scribe Dave Ling : "We rehearsed for it (High Voltage) for a month, which almost killed me. Not the physical side of it, just keeping interested. Me personally, I didn’t need a month. But that’s what we did, and when it came to the gig what you saw was what you got. That’s as good as it will ever be (again). Everyone seemed pretty happy with it, and I think that gig will be far as the three of us can take things.”

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