Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jon Lord : Ritchie Blackmore Might Be Up For Deep Purple MkIII Reunion, But Still Unlikely

Rock Radio UK is reporting that Ex Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord says guitarist Ritchie Blackmore might consider a reunion of the last lineup of the band he appeared in – but it's unlikely to happen because there are doubts over two members.

While Blackmore, Lord and bassist Glenn Hughes are interested in opening discussions, there are doubts over whether drummer Ian Paice would join up. And there are also doubts over whether singer Coverdale’s voice is capable of delivering a full set.

Purple MkIII got together in 1973 after singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover left. The more jazz-blues feel of their album Stormbringer resulted in Blackmore’s departure, and Tommy Bolin replaced him in Purple MkIV.

Reunion plans have stalled on the drawing board in the past because Paice is a member of the current Purple lineup – he’s the only remaining member to have been in all versions of the band.

Now Lord tells Classic Rock Magazine: “I know a lot of people would like it to happen.

“I got an email from David recently, and it seems Glenn and Ritchie might be into it. I don’t know how Glenn feels now, with his band Black Country Communion happening.

“But it would have to have Ian involved, and right now he’s committed to the current Purple lineup. I know they’re planning a new studio album as well as more touring.

“I would love to play with Ritchie again – but don’t read anything into that. I must admit I’d also have a concern or two about David’s voice.”

Coverdale’s band Whitesnake were forced to cut short a tour last year after he began suffering vocal cord problems. Although he says he’s recuperated, Whitesnake shows in recent years have featured more spoken-word and instrumental elements, thought by some to enable him to rest his singing voice. Coverdale would be unlikely to be able to construct a Deep Purple concert the same way.

Last year Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich volunteered to take the throne if Paice was the only stumbling-block to a reunion – but Lord said at the time there could be no band without Paice.

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