Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Band You Should Know : The Union

Many classic rockers were bummed at the demise of much loved legendary British bluesy hard rockers Thunder last year after two decades and nine full length albums together.

However some can surely rejoice with the formation by Thunder lead guitarist Luke Morley of  a new band The Union, for which he has teamed up with guitarist/vocalist Pete Shoulder, formerly of  Winterville. The latter is certainly no slouch as well, being one of only three British artists (the other two being Eric Clapton and Peter Green) to win a W.C. Handy Blues Foundation award, presented in Memphis in 2006 for co-writing the American Blues Song of the Year, when the late Little Milton recorded his co- composition "Think Of Me".

Featuring a similar brand of blues inflected British album rock as his previous band, albeit a bit more laid back in spots, the band's debut 12 track self titled release is an impressive effort in the vein of pre MTV Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin and Coverdale era Deep Purple, which means you're getting classy 70's styled melodic riff rockers topped with soulful, impassioned vocals which are sure to satisfy ones classic rock yearnings and then some.

Need more convincing? The band has the entire album streaming at their official website, which can be accessed here.

"You Know My Name" from 'The Union' 2010 :

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Stratoblogster said...

I'm diggin' these cats! Nice find!

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