Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Who's Daltrey Fears For Next Generation

Rock Radio UK is reporting that Who singer Roger Daltrey worries that new technology means younger generations aren’t taking time to stop and think – meaning they’ll be too easily controlled by the powers that be.

He fears the angry sentiments of classic track My Generation might not be echoed by future kids, because they’re too busy interacting with the virtual world to think about the real world around them.

In a fan Q&A Daltrey says: “I’m not a luddite, but what makes me nervous about it all is what it’s doing to humans. There are huge psychological issues which will only become apparent in the next 20 years.

“Young people don’t contemplate any more. Everything happens so fast the time for contemplation has disappeared. It could become very easy to control the whole world.

“And if people don’t contemplate, where to epiphanies come from? It gets out of balance.”

Daltrey doesn’t believe there’s a great need for other acts to cover Who songs, but he does appreciate the efforts of tribute acts: “Why cover them when the original’s still there and still stands up?

“But it’s great to have the tribute bands. I thank them for doing what they do, because it does keep the music alive. And I know how hard they have to work to do it because it’s bloody difficult.”

He’s planning to try recording a blues album and release it online if it works out, and repeats that he’d love the opportunity to work with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page or Keith Richards on some blues material.

He observes: “I’ve always wanted to do something with Jimmy. I mean, what the hell is he doing? It’s a waste of talent – he’s a genius. I love Keith but I think the Stones will be back together very soon.

“Eric is doing this laid-back blues stuff but if we could find the songs it would be interesting. I think I could drive him on – I think he needs a bit of driving. That blues stuff is right in the pocket but you need dynamic. Never forget the dynamic.

“I’ve talked to a guitarist I won’t name to do a blues album, just for fun. Just choose some songs from the period we used to like, get in there, do a live album and bung it out on the internet. Blues, but not just twelve-bar boring.”

The Who are in the early stages of planning something for next year, and although it’s too early to discuss details Daltrey’s dream situation would be a touring show where the crowd took their chances on what they’d get each night.

He says: “We’ll be doing something based around our past work. Pete Townshend is writing and you never knew when that might turn up. So there might be a new album.

“We’ve thought about a greatest hits show? We kind of did it last time – but what is ‘greatest hits’? Just the hits and none of the more obscure stuff? That would bore me shitless.

“I’d like to be on the road playing as many different types of shows as we possibly could. Greatest hits one night, Quadrophenia the next, then Tommy – if I could still sing it. And the audience would have to take a chance on what they were getting.”

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