Thursday, September 16, 2010

Black Sabbath 'Seventh Star', Eternal Idol' Box Sets Due In October

According to Black Sabbath News, the next two reissues in the Deluxe Edition series are the highly overlooked Seventh Star (1986) and Eternal Idol (1987) albums that featured Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple, Trapeze, current Black Country Communion) and Tony Martin respectively on vocals.

 After just a handful of dates on the 1986 Seventh Star Tour, Hughes was let go, and Ray Gillen was brought on board. He finished the tour, and work began on the next album, and it was mostly completed. Gillen left to found Badlands (with now KISS drummer Eric Singer also from Sabbath), and this left Black Sabbath with a mostly completed album, and no singer. Tony Martin was brought in and re-recorded all the vocals in two weeks. The album came out with Tony Martin, and the only remaining bit of the Ray Gillen original vocals was some laughter in the track 'Nightmare'.

 The original Ray Gillen version of The Eternal Idol has been traded in bootleg circles for ages now.

Sanctuary/Universal UK will be releasing The Eternal Idol Box Set on October 25th. The additional tracks include 'Some Kind Of Woman' and 'Black Moon' (demo) on Disc 1. Disc 2 will comprise the Ray Gillen Eternal Idol album. Complete tracklisting is as follows:

 Disc 1: 'The Shining 'Ancient Warrior 'Hard Life To Love 'Glory Ride 'Born To Lose 'Nightmare 'Scarlet Pimpernel 'Lost Forever 'Eternal Idol 'Black Moon' (demo) 'Some Kind Of Woman'

 Disc 2: 'Glory Ride' 'Born To Lose' 'Lost Forever' 'Eternal Idol' 'The Shining' 'Hard Life To Love' 'Nightmare' 'Ancient Warrior'

 Sanctuary/Universal UK will also release the Seventh Star Box Set on October 25th. The first disc of Seventh Star will include the album as well as the remixed version of 'No Stranger to Love', which appears in the music video of the same. Disc 2 is a live concert recorded on June 2, 1986 and has Ray Gillen on vocals.

 The complete track listing is as follows:

CD 1: 'In For The Kill 'No Stranger To Love 'Turn To Stone 'Sphinx (The Guardian) 'Seventh Star 'Danger Zone 'Heart Like A Wheel 'Angry Heart 'In Memory 'No Stranger To Love 'No Stranger To Love' (remix by Jeff Glixman)

Disc 2: 'Mob Rules' 'Danger Zone' 'War Pigs' 'Seventh Star' 'Die Young' 'Black Sabbath' 'N.I.B' 'Neon Knights' 'Paranoid'

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