Thursday, August 26, 2010

Band You Should Know : Southern Rockers Zach Williams And The Reformation

Hailing from Northeast Arkansas, Zach Williams And The Reformation, in the words of their press kit, look and sound like they stepped off of a bus that’s been in time travel since 1975.

Featuring influences from classic Southern Rockers such as The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynryd mixed with the hard edged blues rock of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Free, their 2009 debut album 'Electric Revival' conjures up the past whilst putting it in a more modern setting ala The Black Crowes. It all adds up to a potent blend of vintage 70's sounding rock which is sure to please any afficianados of the genre, filled with slide guitars, sizzling tube amps, soulful, whiskey tempered vocals and strong songs throughout.

Here's a taste in the form of "Angel With A Broken Wing", which features a guest spot from North Mississippi Allstars/The Black Crowes guitarist Luther Dickinson :

For more info go to this location.

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