Friday, July 16, 2010

Steve Miller : "If I Wanted To Be In The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame I'd Be Kissing Jann Wenner's Ass"

Steve Miller certainly has the qualifications to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a 30-plus-year career and a string of hit singles like 'Jet Airliner,' 'Rock'n Me,' 'The Joker' and more, not to mention a greatest hits album that still regularly sells in the millions.

Now there's even a Facebook group started by fans to get the Steve Miller Band in the Rock Hall, but Miller himself isn't concerned with that. "I never even think about it and when people bring it up it's kind of embarrassing," he tells "I think the Hall of Fame deal is all politics anyway. If I wanted to be in the Hall of Fame, I'd be up there stroking Jann Wenner and kissing his ass, playing that game. I don't play that game. The Hall of Fame, to me, is so corny."

Still he has been invited, in a way. "I went to the Hall of Fame and they were talking to me when they were designing it," he recalls. "I was looking at the architectural plans for the Hall of Fame and they were going, 'Oh, Steve, when you're in the Hall of Fame we want all your stuff. Can we have your guitars?' And I was going, 'No, you can't have my guitars.'"

For Miller, who works with a music education group called Kids Rock Free, the future of music is far more important than the past. "The last time I was at the Hall of Fame, the computers didn't work and [they had] a bunch of capes and bad gloves and there wasn't anything in there that was of any importance -- same thing at the Experience Music Project. That's why I'm in the Kids Rock Free thing," he says. "You can build a Kids Rock Free music school for less than it costs to build a McDonalds restaurant. You build it in five months in a tilt up building and you can hire five teachers and you can have a thousand kids taking music lessons in from zero to six months. I look at the Hall of Fame and the Experience Music Project and I think, 'F---, that could have been 600 music schools around the United States. What ego wank.'"

Miller's brand new album 'Bingo!' , his first in 17 years, recently debuted # 1 on Billboard's Blues Charts and # 37 on Billboard's Album Charts.

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Stratoblogster said...

Alice Cooper is also yet to be inducted. Cooper says that if he ever is, he's gonna have Pete Rose accept the award on his behalf.

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