Monday, May 24, 2010

Slash : "There's Nothing Positive To Say" About Current Rock Scene

Slash thinks there is "nothing positive" about the current rock scene.

The legendary guitarist admits he is unhappy about the lack of "spirit" in the current guitar-based music scene and doesn't know where the next big thing will come from.

He said: "I usually hate talking about the state of rock music, because there's nothing positive to say about it. The whole vibe of new, exciting hard rock bands seems non-existent right now.

"I always say that the heavy metal spirit is alive and well and holding its own, but the broader rock 'n' roll thing of bands like AC/DC or Guns N' Roses seems pretty slim. The rock 'n' roll spirit is extremely diminished.

"There's no shortage of bands out there trying to make it, but they're hard pressed to get a foot in the door. There's no movement on the streets."

Slash admits he can understand why pop artists now outsell rock musicians and insists he appreciates the "truly gifted", regardless of the genre they perform.

He added: "As a musician who has played with a lot of pop artists over the years, I can appreciate anyone who is truly gifted in one genre. Like in any genre, there's a couple of people in the pop world that are brilliant and then there's a lot of fluff and crap. You can't hold it against pop music for being popular."


Barbara said...

What do you think? Do you agree with Slash?

Bill Decker said...

Yes & no.We rock (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal) fans are out here.The number of fans may be diminished somewhat from what it was in the 80's but we're here nonetheless.Don't think so? Check the overwhelming response to Ronnie James Dios passing.I think the problem is too much gimick with alot of the more recent bands.For a long time there were bands trying to take the Alice Cooper/Kiss theatrics to new levels.Over the past 10-15 years it's been Pantera copying.Look,there is NO substitute for great song writing/talented musicianship.These are the main two qualities missing & what I personally look for.Also,contrary to popular belief over the past 20 years (AKA"The DarkAges of Rock")there is NOT a thing wrong with melody in a song & what I sorely miss the most.

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