Friday, May 14, 2010

Keith Richards To Release Autobiography In October

The NME is reporting that the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards  has said that his autobiography will be released in October.

The guitarist revealed the planned month of release for the book, which he announced he was writing in 2007, to the Independent.

"I'm waiting for some proofs to come back," he explained. "It's kind of weird writing about your own life. Who'd be interested in that?"

He added: "But then, I realize there is a lot of interest, so… Talking to some of the people that were there and their version of events to try and correlate it all was very interesting, a kind of kaleidoscopic bunch of experiences."

Richards went on to say that The Rolling Stones had not decided which step they would take next musically. "Nobody's going to make a decision about what we're going to do until we get further into 2010," he said.

He added: "No doubt the guys are wanting to talk about whether we're going to record and go on the road in one form or another. Maybe we're going to talk about doing it differently."

The Rolling Stones release a deluxe edition of their 1972 album 'Exile On Main Street' on Monday (May 17).

To celebrate the reissue of the classic album next week, the Rolling Stones are giving away a free download (to those in the UK only) of a previously unreleased track.
The song, an alternate version of ‘All Down The Line’ is NOT included on the physical reissue of the album.
You can get your hands on the song below:

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