Tuesday, April 20, 2010

John Lennon's 40 Year Old Acid Stash Found

Rock Radio UK is reporting that builders working at a house once owned by John Lennon believe they've dug up the stash of LSD he buried in the grounds in 1967.

It's said the Beatles icon decided to stop taking drugs just before the band headed to India to explore transcendental meditation, and buried a leather bag full of LSD in glass bottles at Kenwood House in Weymouth, England.

When he returned he'd changed his mind – but was never able to find where he'd buried the bag.

Now the Sun reports that builders have dug it up while working in the Kenwood House grounds. The bag contains a number of broken bottles and just one which has remained intact.

But its cork has cracked, meaning there's almost no chance of identifying what was once inside.


vicky djay said...

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radioactive said...

bummer that its all broken up

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